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Values & Ethics

I strive to be transparent about my morals, what is important to me, and how these things guide my reading style. I welcome any questions you may have, please email me at

Receiving a tarot reading is a deeply personal experience. The tarot reveals soul level information. I’m only looking at your life within the context of the reading with your permission, never outside of it.

If you want a relationship reading, I will need explicit permission from the other party prior to conducting the reading. It is not ethical to me to view someone's inner workings without their knowledge.

I treat my work as sacred thus all readings are completely confidential. I am not a mandated reporter however if issues of self harm or suicide surface, I will connect you with resources & support in your community.

The purpose of a reading is to empower you with guidance that is in alignment with your highest & best good with harm to none. I hold a container for this work to happen and I provide my knowledge however I do not believe in telling clients what to do. I believe you are your own authority. It is my hope that what you learn from a reading can provide you with ownership & empowerment rooted in your integrity.

All of my readings are centered in my earth based spirituality. I have a relationship with the land I live on & I honor the fact that I am on occupied Ohlone territory. My spirituality is wide and deep, with room for respecting & honoring the validity of many faith paths.

Social justice is extremely important to me, both because my identities fall within marginalized categories and because we are not free until we are all free. I do my best to live out my commitment to equity through my continued education, financial & volunteer support of causes within my community, and living a harm reducing & environmentally conscious life stye. If you have specific questions about what that looks like I welcome your inquiry!

I seek to bring a trauma informed, intersectional feminist lens to my readings. I continue my education consistently, this work is never done. I deeply value being a perpetual student.

I try to meet my clients where they are as best as I can. If something arises within a reading that falls outside the scope of my knowledge, training, or practice I will refer you to someone else better suited to meet your need.

I am trained in psychology, social work, birth work, bereavement birth work, and Tarot. My education informs my readings as I bring that insight & understanding but I am not a licensed mental health practitioner. I do not offer diagnosis and I do not offer psychological treatment. What I offer within the context of a reading is my own personal relationship to tarot, my studied knowledge of the cards, and my experience in healing myself. I also bring guidance that comes from my connection to my spiritual team and my client’s spiritual team.

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