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I operate on a sliding scale for a variety of reasons. I have many privileges as a cis-gender, white, educated, able bodied woman. I feel it is my responsibility to make my services accessible to everyone! My business is rooted in my spirituality, it runs counter to that spirituality to be restrictive with my pricing. I ask that you pay what is reasonable within your budget. That being said, if you are a person of privilege (white, cis-gendered, able bodied, steadily employed, etc) I ask that you pay at the highest end of the scale. This ensures that my work can be sustainable, supportive, and accessible to folks with varying levels of resources.

To aid you in determining which part of the scale you would consider paying, please visit the SF Area Median Income Chart . If your AMI is...

Below 70% please pay at the low end of the scale

70%-100% please pay at the middle of the scale

100% and above please pay at the highest end of the scale.

If the scale is not within your reach at this time, please contact me at to discuss alternative options.

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