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Tarot Readings & Doula Services


Welcome! I am grateful you are here. 


Originally from the East Coast, I have been living in the Bay Area for the last 6 years. My background is in Social Work and Psychology. My work overall focuses on empowering those I am serving or care-taking with gentle support, tools of self reflection, and resources for growth. I have worked with infants, children, and families for the last decade while offering readings to my community of fellow birthworkers and peers. I am honored to be entrusted with the task of holding space for others, both for folks as they transition into parenthood and for those looking for spiritual guidance.


This is my life's work, and I am so excited to share it.


Tarot Services

The world we live in does not offer us much peace. I see Tarot as a powerful ally in self discovery, healing, and coping with both peak experiences & everyday life. The basis of all my tarot offerings is to provide you with specific, clear, and powerful insight into what is happening within your life at this moment in time. Tarot is an incredible tool of divination, however it is not linear or predictive. Thus, my readings are firmly rooted in the present moment. The present is rich in information that can be harnessed for our benefit. The goal is to empower you to create your own narrative and work with within it, utilizing the guidance that has been presented to you. 

You will leave each session with me with: 

  • A recording of the reading

  • A picture of the reading

  • Practical ideas of how to work with what your reading illuminated

  • Ritual/ceremonial tools tailored to your needs if applicable

  • Ongoing support from me (via email, text, or polo)

60 minutes - $120

30 minutes - $60

I treat this work as sacred and as such, all readings are kept completely confidential. Distance and audio readings available upon request for an additional $10. 


To book, please email me at thetarotdoula@gmail.com

Doula Services

My first class in Labor Doula training at Cornerstone Doulas lasted for four hours. I was riveted the entire time; I knew that being a doula was something I had been doing my whole life without knowing it. Birthwork, in all its forms, represents the nexus of my skill sets and interests. Pregnancy, birth, the postpartum period and beyond present incredible opportunities for healing, rebirth, and self exploration. It is a deeply challenging experience that is as unique as the individuals involved. I seek to offer emotionally sensitive, compassionate and present care, evidence based information, and resources for those transitioning into parenthood or welcoming in a new sibling to the household.

I am a proud member of Doulahood, a San Francisco based postpartum doula collective. My primary focus is in postpartum service and I also offer both sibling doula and bereavement services.


For all postpartum inquiries, please visit doulahood.com. For my other services, please reach out via email at thetarotdoula@gmail.com



"Maureen amazes me time and again with her depth of wisdom, profound compassion, and facility with words. She thoroughly personalizes her tarot readings, weaving them into life's happenings in such a way that I am left feeling seen and held, and like my eyes have been opened to something beautiful. The extent to which she has nurtured and developed her relationship with the deeper threads of life is palpable. I would recommend her readings to anyone."

Rachel H

"Having a reading with Maureen is like drinking the most satisfying cup of warm tea on a chilly day. Her words and insights go straight to your bones and often leave me with a peace and knowing that I had previously lost sight of. I have been seeing Maureen for readings for almost three years now and when I have tried to have readings from others I always found myself coming back to the Tarot Doula for the depth and insight I found lacking from others. Maureen has been studying the Tarot for the better part of a decade from real teachers, not just internet memes and it shows. I often go back to readings she has done for me months later and realize I am currently going through the very thing she saw coming and her reading becomes a powerful tool to navigate my current circumstance. She weaves her in-depth knowledge of the Tarot with her intuitive and often psychic insight into her sessions. She creates and holds space for the wholeness of one's soul and has taught me how to enhance my personal practice with the Tarot and how to trust my own intuition and insight. I have and continue to learn so much from her. I cannot recommend her more!"


"Maureen is an inspired and gifted tarot reader. She has a deep understanding of the meaning behind each card, how they interact with each other, and how their placement and orientation applies to the question at hand. In addition to this, she brings an added layer of meaning to each reading with her thorough understanding of astrology. Looking at the tarot through this lens helps her decipher the particular message of the cards to you personally. She is able to distill these complex interactions into a digestible and actionable interpretation regardless of your experience level with tarot. Her profound empathy helps her deliver these messages in a gentle and positive way even when relating to challenging, heavy subjects. She has provided me with invaluable insight for years. I don't know where I'd be without her interpretations!"

Alana Y.

"A tarot reading from Maureen feels like a bubble bath. Healing, therapeutic, luxuriant beyond words. She’s wise beyond her years and serious about her work, but it still feels casual. Like having a talk with your best friend. A best friend who happens to insanely smart, freakishly perceptive, and filled with compassion. Maureen’s calm, grounding energy gives me the strength to visit darker aspects of myself, during readings and afterwards. I’ve never met anyone as centered or intuitive as her. I view her as a guide to the subconscious, helping me navigate the waters of self-care and self-reflection. She’ll tap into the story of your life and help you find a path forward. She’ll pinpoint the questions that have been circling around inside your head and filter them through her unique, prismatic lens. Maureen will hold your soul in a space she’s carved out through years of dedication to her craft. Held in this space, you’ll learn how to create space for yourself. For those feelings you’ve been squashing down. For the adventure you’ve been putting off. For the child inside of you that just needs love. Maureen is a healer, a listener, a counselor, and a poet. Language flows from her like water. Effortless abundance."

Kelly S.

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